Cindy's Story


picture of Cindy Garland

With a background in education, Cindy Garland enjoys teaching. She and her husband Joe love art, but they love the Bible even more. Combining these interests gave a new twist to writing Bible studies. Cindy has a passion to make a difference in the lives of others through writing, which allows her to follow God's purpose and direction in her life.

Many years ago, Cindy let go of God, but He never let go of her! And because God rescued her, she knows that she is not the same person, He made all things new!

Reaching audiences with various interests, Cindy focuses on the reader as she writes. The desire to help others and to meet their needs, motivates and encourages her with the ideas and content for her books. The stories and studies are about life-changes and readers discover how to make it happen! Readers will find out how to overcome a challenge, how to improve their present condition and how they can be better off for it!

If you are ready to be challenged, sometimes pushed beyond the status quo to think in a fresh way, then these books are for you. You will be offered an unexpected set of options in these studies, allowing you to see the world and yourself in an entirely new light!

Cindy writes books which are about and for the reader, giving practical applications and helping to make his or her life easier. Cindy and Joe live their message since it often comes from their own personal experiences.

Watch for a new book coming out soon by Cindy that could rock your world! It will change your life forever! Stay tuned for How Do I Get Out of This Mess? (Good News in a Bad News World!).