How Do I Get Out Of This Mess?


Our Audience

How Do I Get Out Of This Mess? is much more than your typical book with words. It contains a journey that includes text to make you think, art that will open your eyes, music ready to move your soul, and scripture in an easy to understand form that may change your life.

Anyone that is in a mess and needs a way out is the focus of this book. Perhaps you smiled or were startled at the book’s title, How Do I Get Out Of This Mess? Thinking, I know plenty of people living in a mess right now! Then you should sign up for 5 copies!

Jesus didn’t limit His audience to gender, ethnic groups, ages, or classes. As an author, I am compelled to reach all audiences as well, with this message of hope – with the Way to get out of your mess!

So the people who are the focus of our book, might be a guy who never even heard of the name of Jesus whom I mentioned earlier, or the young lady seeking some kind of church home, or an impressionable teen straddling the fence of the good crowd vs. bad crowd, or maybe you just came across our book thinking it might have some answers for YOUR mess.

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